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the impact of
Sage Brain Academy

Sage Brain Academy is a Montessori-based memory program offering interactive in-person classes and private coaching sessions to enhance the lives of people with varying degrees of memory loss. 

We are conveniently located

 in beautiful St. Augustine, Florida.

For more information call

(904) 429-7059


"I was diagnosed with Alzheimer's two years ago, and I was so worried about my decline. I just started attending the in-person classes and I'm already remembering things I'd been forgetting just sitting around watching TV."

 - Farron L.

"My husband had gotten to the point in his dementia where he was shadowing me everywhere. Now I know that for a few hours a week he's engaged and focused on something else. Not only does he enjoy the classes, but I can get things done around the house that I couldn't do before."

- Mary C.

"My cognition coach is warm, funny, and smart. And she switches up the activities, games, and puzzles so it never gets boring. As soon as our session is over, I'm looking forward to the next one!"

 - Jacob S.

"Going to classes at Sage Brain Academy has been like a brain "massage" for me, helping me re-inflate my intellectual and social skills. They tenderly challenge me in communication, reasoning, math, reading and other cognitive skills. My classes have averaged about a dozen students (not patients) per class. All of us have similar challenges and they help us individually and as a group in a very positive setting. We, as participants, have become very comfortable friends. I'd like to invite and enthusiastically encourage all "pre-elders" to join us!

PS. There is also nostalgic music, trivia, and light physical workouts. We all help each other."

- Dick P.

"I have been pleased and impressed by Sage Brain Academy’s programs and staff. The staff works very hard and is good at creating an environment and atmosphere that facilitates both learning and growth. The staff is very supportive, creative and encouraging. They are very interested in their clients' needs and experiences. They collect data, information and resources which they research, modify and use in their program to promote new learning opportunities for their clients. They are very proactive and focused on identifying the issues of aging while

preparing their clients for the challenges ahead. Top notch program!"

- Charlie M.

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