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The Renee Trinca Scholarship Fund

A precious friend of everyone at Sage Brain Academy LLC,

Renee Trinca passed away on May 30, 2022 in Saint Augustine, Florida.

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In her memory, Sage Brain Academy has established a scholarship to honor Renee
and to acknowledge the pervasive need of services for those in our community
with cognitive impairment.


Renee's loving family and faithful friends have given
generously to help launch the fund. Through the
scholarship fund, others can now
experience the impact and supportive effectiveness of Sage Brain Academy's
Montessori-based memory enhancement classes.

The Renee Trinca Scholarship Fund is a need-based scholarship that has been
established to subsidize tuition so those with limited financial means can attend
Sage Brain Academy.

All who knew Renee were impacted positively by her fun-loving spirit and
generosity. Her kindness knew no bounds, whether feeding carrots daily to wild
bunnies, helping homeless people in various ways, adopting stray cats, or merely
giving thoughtful, generous gifts.

Friends and family have always been welcomed at their lovely home where Renee
and her husband Len hosted wonderful parties, delicious meals, and adventurous
excursions to the beach. She loved it there, starting and ending most days with a
walk to view, often photographing, the beautiful sunrise or sunset.

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Renee and Len were entrepreneurs during their years together, owning several

successful businesses across the US and internationally, from satellites to toy pianos. Their success resulted from being strong business partners, along with anincredible, deep love for each other. Traveling for both business and pleasure resulted in many memorable adventures around the world.

Renee suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and attended Sage Brain Academy
regularly, starting from the very first day our doors opened. Her warm heart,
kindness, quick wit, sense of humor, and mischievousness (in a good way) brought

smiles and laughter to everyone at Sage Brain Academy and to everyone she knew.

Her presence is sorely missed and she is thought of often. The Renee TrincaScholarship Fund will benefit those who face cognitive challenges and are infinancial need of tuition assistance.

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If you would like to make a contribution to the Renee Trinca Scholarship Fund,
you can do so by sending a check made out to Sage Brain Academy to:


Sage Brain Academy, 2225 A1A S, Suite A1, Saint Augustine, Florida 32080.

You can also send your donation by utilizing Zelle through your bank app.

When Zelle asks what it's for:

  • Type in: Renee Trinca Scholarship Fund

  • Input: [your contribution amount ($)]

  • Send to: (301) 452-0853

(Please note that donations are not tax deductible at this time.)

If you have limited financial means, and would like to apply for the Renee Trinca
Scholarship to help subsidize your cost of attending the Academy, 
click here.

Click the link to watch our
"In Memory of Renee" video.

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