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Sage Brain Academy classes are:

If you, a friend, or a family member are concerned about memory changes, or simply want to keep your brain stimulated in a fun and social way,  join us at Sage Brain Academy. 

We provide a place of learning and social connection in a safe and supportive setting, and engage students in purposeful activities facilitated by Certified Montessori Dementia Care Professionals.

We focus on students' abilities and strengths rather than defining students by abilities that may have diminished.

Sage Brain Academy strives to assist in keeping all cognitive skills as sharp as possible, and provides helpful resources for both students and caregivers.



Our Mission

Sage Brain Academy

seeks to enhance

and strengthen cognitive function with dignity

and integrity.


Learn up-to-date tips, techniques, and strategies for better brain and body health based on cutting-edge research.


Engaging in a variety of mental dexterity 

exercises and activities has been proven

to stimulate the brain

and support overall

brain function.


Connect with our qualified coaches and instructors virtually or  through in-person group classes.

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