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cognitive coaching
sessions are:

- virtual - or in person

- 1 hour in length -

- flexible and customizable -

Individualized session plans incorporate

students' interests, challenges, and goals

to optimize brain benefits.

in-person classes:

Classes  offered Mondays and Wednesdays

9 am to 12 pm.



Sage Brain Academy curriculum is research-based and designed to increase mental agility, build cognitive reserve and improve overall brain function.

The program includes brain and body health education and a variety of activities that stimulate and activate diverse mental functions.

brain fitness courses:

Brain Fitness courses are scheduled at various times and  locations throughout St. Johns County. These classes are designed for people with busy schedules who are interested in maintaining and sharpening cognitive skills and maximizing overall brain function.

Classes are weekly, one-hour sessions.

Please call for details. 



Call (904) 429-7059


for prices, class schedules and registration.

(Scholarships available for qualified individuals)


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